PATLIB 2016 Conference

Open for representatives from patent information centres (PATLIBs) and national patent offices, PATLIB 2016 Conference will be held in Helsinki on May 3-4, 2016.


European Patent Office (EPO) has created a network of the national patent offices of the member states and their regional patent information centres around 320, with the aim of improving communication and co-operation between individual centres and promoting patent information awareness and the provision of services to the public.


In the context of cooperation policy between EPO and its member states, each year a PATLIB conference has been organized in one of the member states. Addressing the subject of “a networking event”, participants will be able to to share and discuss experiences concerning successful initiatives and projects implemented in European patent information centres.


It is a necessity for a center to be registered in PATLIB Register of the TPI and of the EPO in order to be able to participate in PATLIB conference free of charge as participant or speaker.


In this regard, PATLIBs which are registered in TPI PATLIB Register, but not registered in EPO PATLIB Register should fill in the PATLIB Directory Registration Form and send it tobilgi@teknolojitransferi.gov.tr


Furthermore, institutions wishing to establish a new TPI Information and Documentation Unit (PATLIB) should send an official letter to the TPI.


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