Training for Creating Awareness of Technology Transfer Offices


26.12.2011 - 27.12.2011



Ankara Dedeman Hotel



Ministry of Science Industry and Technology








Prof. Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu / Vice Minister, Ministry of Science Industry and Technology


Mahmut Kiper / Technology Development Foundation of Turkey
Technology Transfer Offices (Definition, Different Organizational Structures in the World, Services and Important Other Definitions)


Deniz Bayhan / Technology Development Foundation of Turkey
Different Country Examples (US, Germany and Asia Example)


Ahmet Rıza Balım / Hacettepe University Technology Transfer Center
R&D, Competition and Importance of University-Industry Cooperation, Problems, Some Definitions and Factors


Ahmet Başalp / Erciyes Technopark Technology Transfer Office
Legal Works in the Context of Coordination Council for the Improvement of Investment Environment and Problems


Prof. Dr. Hamit Serbest / Çukurova University
Legal Proposals for Technology Transfer Offices


Mustafa Kızıltaş / Middle East Technical University Technology Transfer Office
Structure of METU-Tech, Services, University-Industry Cooperation, METU TTO, Tools, Patenting and Commercialization of Inventions


Dr. Serdar Temel / EBİLTEM, Ege University
Enterprise Europe Network and Local Practices in University-Industry Cooperation