IP-based Technology Transfer Cooperation Platform

“IP-based Technology Transfer Cooperation Platform” Project led by Sabancı University in cooperation with Koc University, Istanbul Sehir University, Istanbul Technical University, Yıldız Technical University and LES Turkey has been granted to be supported in the context of Financial Support 2015 Programme of Istanbul Development Agency.


Aiming at collaboration for the commercialization of university-based or technology development zone (TDZ)-based R&D outputs (patent portfolios), the Project is going to have the activities below:


- creating a common database for market research

- organising trainings in order to use and interpret the outputs of the database

- picking out TDZ patents in order to value

- organising a “TDZ Patent Competition” for valuated patents

- carrying out commercialization activities for the first 3 patents of the competition through fairs and other commercialization circles.


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